Hi there, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine. I just wanted to give you a quick snapshot of what I’m up to in the next few weeks and some of the exciting posts you can out for. Obviously, I’ll write a post if there’s any update on Brexit now that Article 50 has been triggered, but April is a busy month for me, that’s for sure.

London, Gin, Beefeater, distillery tour

This weekend I am headed off to the Beefeater Gin Distillery in Kennington for a tour of their gin distillery.  As an avid gin drinks I’m very excited about this and would like to give a huge shout-out to the Husband for booking the tour for both of us.  The recipe for Beefeater gin hasn’t changed since the 1800s so there should be lots of history to learn and of course, delicious gin to try! I will report back next week.

We will also keep an eye on the Grand National, are you backing any of the runners? Let me know if you have any good tips.  Be aware that I tend to back whichever horse has the prettiest name so don’t take any horse racing advice from me.

The following weekend is of course Easter weekend.  We have a nice long 4-day break to enjoy, I’m really looking forward to a few days doing nothing.  I’ve got no firm plans as yet but I am confident that that will change over the coming days and my dream of a quiet weekend will be replaced with doing something fun instead.  I’ll be sure to write a post about whatever we get up, to so make sure you keep an eye out for that after the bank holiday.

Pool and sungalsses in Ibiza, Travel, life of mel

If you’ve already read my post about my recent weekend in the cotswolds you’ll know that the second leg of the hen do is in Ibiza.  We head there after Easter for my second long-weekend of the month.  I had such a giggle with the group of ladies in the Cotswolds and I cannot wait to spend some more time with them.  I’m convinced that a weekend away with a great group of friends is the best therapy anyone could ever need. We’ve got lots of exciting plans to ensure our bride-to-be has another incredible weekend.  They are currently all a secret so you’ll have to wait until after that weekend to find out what we get up to. I’ll pop a review of the accommodation and all the activities we do whilst we are there.  If you’re headed to Ibiza in the next few months it’ll give you some good tips and advice of what to do and where to go.

florence skyline, duomo, travel, life of mel, blog

Finally, this month the Husband and I are off to Florence.  It was my Valentine’s Day present from him.  Together with my travel agent, the lovely Helen, he has planned a fabulous weekend in this beautiful city.  It will  our first trip to the Tuscan capital and I can’t wait to see the architecture, eat the food and sip the wine.  Ok so let’s be completely honest, it’ll be more of a glug of the wine rather than a sip but still, I’m really looking forward to this weekend.  Again, if you’re headed to Florence anytime soon I’ll be sure to report back with what’s good to see, eat and drink whilst you are there.