As I mentioned in my April update post, last weekend I went to Ibiza. I spent 6 months working in a cocktail bar there after I finished university (many years ago now) and despite falling in love with this island paradise, I had never had the opportunity to return.  So when one of my fellow bridesmaids suggested it as a venue for our bestie’s hen party I literally couldn’t wait to go back.

So last Thursday with the Vengaboys annoyingly on repeat in my brain, we headed to Ibiza.  As seems to be becoming tradition with my 2017 travels, we stayed in an AirBnb.  This time we had a private 7 bedroom villa in Santa Eularia with pool, hot (cold) tub and not an insignificant amount of land.  Perched on top of a secluded hill, the villa overlooks the Mediterranean Ocean, it was a truly beautiful spot.  With 13 noisy hens it was a great location, as we couldn’t disturb anyone when we rolled through the front door at 5am.

Bags unpacked, we piled into the open plan kitchen/dining room where we were greeted by Steve our personal cocktail mixologist for the evening as well as our caterers Zoey and Chris.  After several margaritas and mojitos, we sat down for a Thai banquet.  Traditional soup, followed by the most exquisite noodle salad and then a red and green Thai curry and sticky fragrant rice.  We washed it down with a few glasses of wine before heading back to our new friend Steve for one or two post-dinner cocktails. I’d definitely recommend Steve if you’re ever in Ibiza and want your own personal mixologist, you can check out his Facebook page here.

Ibiza Town

Waking up on Friday morning, the sun was shining and after breakfast we bikinied-up and sat out by our private pool. Unfortunately the wind was biting, so those of us who were less brave decided to cover back up and head into town.  Town in this case is the old walled fort of Ibiza Town.  There are a plethora of little boutique shops, perfect for a bit of a mooch.  We nearly all bought something delightful (I got a new beach bag) before heading to a tapas bar for a light lunch.  In my opinion no tapas lunch is complete without a pitcher of sangria and in Ibiza Town  replacing the red wine with cava is very much the done thing.  So without protest we polished off a pitcher of cava sangria together with Iberico ham, manchego cheese and endless padron peppers.

We headed back to the villa to get ready for the night ahead.  Our personal hair and make-up artist came to make sure we were suitably glam.  Endless lashes and tasteful glitter were in order for what was in store.

After a couple of glasses of delicious vino to warm us up, we headed back to Ibiza Town.

Our first port of call was dinner.  We headed inside the walled fort and along the gorgeous cobbled streets to La Olivia.

Decked with gorgeous pots of lavender and salt we had passed it during our lunchtime excursion and thought it looked to be a standout restaurant.  We weren’t wrong. The food was delicious; I had a fresh ceviche followed by asian-style salmon.  The cava and wine flowed and the service was excellent. Everyone in the restaurant was in good spirits giving the place a really warm vibe.

At around midnight we left the restaurant and headed to El Teatro Pereyra a great live music bar.  The band were playing hit after hit and it was nearly 5am before we departed and headed back to the villa. The vibrancy of the place meant that some of the party were still very much awake and wanted to head to Pacha but the general consensus was that 5am was late enough and so we headed home for some much needed sleep.

Amazing Amante

Another sunny day, another fab itinerary planned.  We headed for a late lunch at the Amante Beach Club.  The views from this place were incredible with gorgeous blue sea set against dramatic cliffs.  We ate a delicious lunch; I had local clams followed by a lobster risotto, with another generous helping of delicious wine. The scenery was breathtaking and although we’d been with each other for 3 days now the chatter was endless.

limoncello, ibiza, shots, chupitas

It appears that no meal in Ibiza is complete without an obligatory and complimentary shot of limoncello or hierbas, a local spirit made with 28 different herbs.  So after polishing these off we headed back to enjoy our final night in the villa.  More wine, more dancing and much more laughing later we headed to bed, our cheeks aching from smiling so much.

Typically our final day was a scorcher so we baked by the pool for the last couple of hours before heading back to Ibiza airport. An excellent trip and I was sad it came to an end.  I definitely won’t be leaving it another 10+ years before I return.

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