Life of Mel

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I’m Mel.  I like writing and I work for a lovely Search and Social agency where blogging is a crucial part of what we do.  I’ve always wanted to put a blog together and so  finally I’ve taken the plunge.

As far as life goes I think I have a  pretty interesting one.  I’ve lived in Birmingham, Lincoln, Tokyo, Dubai and I’ve just moved to London.  Who knows where I’ll head off to next? I’m hoping that my little ramblings and musings are entertaining, interesting and at times useful to you.

I’m married to my best friend Andy and we have 4 cats, Thelma and Louise who we got in Birmingham and Denzel and Jack who we rescued from a life on the streets in Dubai.

I believe the world is better with less walls and less division, I’m not a fan of the rain and I’m an avid Manchester United fan.  I have terrible commercial music taste so if underground, unsigned and alternative is your thing, you might be horrified of my love of Take That.  That’s ok though, if we all loved the same thing life would be very dull. Sporty, I am not but I am a big fan of skiing which I’ve done since I was 3 and I try to cycle to work 3 or 4 times a week.

I have a huge, amazing and supportive family and a small number of precious friends.

Work hard, play harder, be nice, don’t judge, Love.